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Sachiko Miyoshi
 Kimono Dresser

based in San Diego. Sachiko Miyoshi  has been working for more than 20 years as Professional Kimono Dresser.  


Kimono Dresser for Photo Shooting, books, etc. and also dresser for Japanese special occation like coming-of- age ceremony, a festival day for children of three, five and seven years of age and graduation.

She also works as Chief Kimono Dresser for Kimono Fashion Show produced by Rinko Kimino.


Rinko Kimino
Japanese Culture Curator
Kimono stylist

Author, Japanese Culture Curator

Creative Director, Event Producer(Kimono Fashion Show. Kimono Party, etc). Kimono Styling for Photo Shooting, Ad, TV, Movie, etc.


Author of 20 books about kimono, folk craft goods, kabuki, etc. She is also a producer and product development planner of kimono and Japanese folk craft goods in Japan. Rinko is a successful event producer and planner and editor of books. Her works are geared toward the youth of Japan, and promote Japanese traditions such as kimonos, tenugui towels and the kabuki theater with a modern sensibility.
She produces the Kimono Fashion show on 2011 and 2013 in LA.

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